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Oceanus Securities LLC

AI Powered,

Human Guided, Advanced Global Trading

Purple Net
Through our relationship with Tethys Technology we are able to offer access to award-winning trading algorithms which blend historical performance data, advanced statistical analysis, ML/AI models, and real-time market security behavior information to formulate optimal and highly customizable execution strategies.


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Equity and Option Markets Traded


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Countries Traded

Tethys Technology Inc., is an independent, broker-neutral provider of best execution algorithms. Its U.S. equity algorithms and program trading products were launched in 2004 and the firm was first to market with options algorithms in 2007. Tethys is an established industry leader in innovative futures algorithms and currently offers execution algorithms for the global trading of equities, options, futures and FX trading.

Trading algorithms utilize real-time models that undergo continuous updates throughout the trading day, focusing on liquidity, risk management, and short-term alpha generation. Through ongoing market micro-structure research, we ensure swift adjustments to our algorithms, enabling optimal performance across various market conditions.

Micro-Market Research

At Oceanus Securities we recognize the distinct investment goals and hurdles faced by each of our clients. Our commitment lies in delivering bespoke trading solutions meticulously tailored to address individual needs. Collaborating closely with our clients, our team of experts devises trading strategies meticulously aligned with their investment objectives, ensuring effective outcomes.

The SOR empowers dealers with precise control over routing strategies, encompassing Lit, Dark, SDP, and Conditional market interactions. Routing configurations can be tailored based on Algo, Customer ID, and Desk preferences, ensuring strategic flexibility and efficiency in trade execution.

  • Basket Trading

  • Cross Asset Spread

  • Risk Arbitrage

  • ETF Hedging

  • Multi-Model Hedging

  • Options Spread Trading

  • Options Surface Trading

  • Pair and multi-leg 

  • Gamma Trading

  • Options Portfolio Hedge

Oceanus leverages Tethys' award winning trading technology into the DNA of its infrastructure creating a compelling combination of sophistication and simplicity.

Oceanus Securities

Oceanus caters to a select clientele who truly appreciate and seek out our select capabilities.

For these demanding clients we offer a unique a blend of expertise in algorithmic execution, machine learning/AI, and market micro-structure.

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