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Algorithmic Trading

Buy-Side Algorithmic Trading

Sell-Side Algorithmic Trading

Trade Strategies 

Accelerate Your Trading with
Oceanus Securities 

Tree-based machine learning methods drive our analysis of which factors are influencing slippage and to understand how they are correlated.  

The algorithms incorporate real-time models which are continuously updated throughout the day for liquidity, risk, and short-term alpha. Ongoing market micro structure research allows us to quickly update our algorithms to reflect changes in the market and to provide optimal performance in varying market conditions.

Clients consider us partners in execution research and include some of the largest and most sophisticated global hedge funds and long only asset managers.

We offer actionable TCA using tree-based machine learning methods to do factor analysis and slippage attribution.
Our value add can be measured in better returns/lower transaction costs.
High availability services with consistent strong performance.

Pre-packaged algorithms offer extensive customization with over 40 parameters. Clients have full control over their orders, enabling instant adjustments to algorithm behavior as market conditions change. This flexibility ensures precise execution and empowers clients to navigate trading with confidence. 


Versatile Execution Algorithms:

Adaptable and customizable, offering a consistent interface and parameters across asset classes and regions.

Seamless Integration:

Integration to both client OMS and in-house systems, facilitating quick-to-market hosted implementation for efficient trading operations.


We meet the rising client demands to minimize slippage and conceal their trading footprint effectively.

Low Latency, High Throughput:

Algorithms boast low latency and high message throughput, ensuring swift and efficient trade execution.

Spread Types:

Strategies range from merger arbitrage spreads to multi-leg spreads, empowering you to optimize your trading strategies and seize market opportunities.

Support for Notional Targets:

Utilize notional targets as a crucial tool for guiding portfolio construction, risk management, and performance monitoring, ensuring alignment with your investment objectives.


​Benefit from seamless integration and collaboration with TethysEMS, empowering you with advanced execution management capabilities for enhanced trading performance.

Available via FIX integration:

Access trade strategies seamlessly through FIX integration, enabling efficient and reliable connectivity to global markets and counter-parties.

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