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Oceanus Securities, at its core, is a Quantitative & Alternative Trading broker dealer dedicated to providing its clients the highest level of automation, performance & analytical feedback.  A one stop shop for qualified clients who require a higher level of sophisticated trading service. 

Oceanus Securities addresses the challenge faced by sophisticated traders who require a comprehensive trading service. These traders often struggle to find a broker that can meet their needs for advanced automation, performance, and analytical feedback in their trading activities. By providing a one-stop solution with a focus on quantitative and alternative trading, Oceanus Securities solves the problem of fragmented services and inadequate support for traders seeking a higher level of sophistication in their trading strategies.

Our Global Equity trading team has decades of trading experience. They have quantitative, multi asset class and Program trading experience as well

Founder and CEO Nitin Gambhir:

Mr. Gambhir is one of the world’s leading experts in algorithmic trading, smart order routing and exchange models.  He has led a very successful effort to build algorithms for products for a diverse set of markets. 

Director Technology Mark Melvin:

Mr. Melvin has over 30 years of accomplished experience in managing the optimization of technologies for financial services.  Mark has worked in multiple international finance hubs and is a  veteran Tethys employee.

Director Trade Execution Tom Quigley:

Mr. Quigley boasts extensive experience in brokerage. As a seasoned professional in market structure, algorithmic trading, and Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA), Tom has catered to both buy-side and sell-side clients within prominent banks and brokerages.

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